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Montefalco Sagrantino Passito

Grape variety

Sagrantino 100%

Yield per hectare

60 q


from the 15th to the end of September


in oak French barrels for 18 months

Bottle aging

in the bottle for a minimum of 4 months


intense ruby red with violet shadings, nearly opaque with traces of garnet


expansive and persistent with sweet fruits, notes of blackberry, black cherry and a subtle nuttiness. Sweet spices lead to a mineral finish


soft, sweet, voluptuous body, persistent and velvety. The tannins are thick and sweet, the acidity is well balanced, cutting the density and heaviness, while giving structure. Long finish, persistently fruity with notes of underbrush, forest fruit, and complex, intense spices


18-19 °C

Bottle Sizes

0,375 Lt

Food Pairings

“meditation wine”, it is perfect with dry pastries, cream or jam tarts, almond biscotti or chocolate. Also pairs well with aged cheeses, both spicy and herbal

Sagrantino Passito is unique among sweet wines: the red color is so rich it seems almost inky, the aroma evokes blackberries, dried fruits and cinnamon, the taste is particularly balanced. The dense tannins delicately unite the acidity and the sweetness, creating a gustatory sensation of absolute harmony. The Sagrantino grapes are hung to dry on “graticci” to concentrate their flavors and sugars. In the past the Sagrantino Passito was the only wine produced from the Sagrantino varietal, and it was drunk during religious ceremonies in the villages of the Montefalco area. Although our methods have improved and refined passito, its ancient connection to rustic tradition and Montefalco farming lifestyle remains. You can taste it in every glass.

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