Situated amongst the beautiful Umbrian hills, along the famous Strada del Sagrantino ( Sagrantino Road), the SCACCIADIAVOLI winery has always concerned itself with the production of wines of great character.

Scacciadiavoli is the fruit of a dream by prince Ugo Boncompagni-Ludovisi, of Rome. Founded in 1884, it was conceived as a wine “industry”: an imposing oenological complex, highly advanced for its age. It has been the property of the Pambuffetti family since 1954. The production is typical of the area: Montefalco Sagrantino, Montefalco Rosso, Umbria Grechetto, Montefalco Bianco, Spumante Brut and Spumante Rosato from Sagrantino grapes.

  1. Montefalco Sagrantino D.O.C.G

    Montefalco Sagrantino D.O.C.G

    Montefalco Sagrantino will surprise you with so many diverse aromas and a structure of such great importance.

  2. Montefalco rosso D.O.C.

    Montefalco rosso D.O.C.

    Scacciadiavoli’s Montefalco Rosso boasts an intense ruby red color, an expansive, elegant bouquet with scents of cherry.

  3. Montefalco Sagrantino passito

    Montefalco Sagrantino passito

    Sagrantino Passito is unique among sweet wines: the red color is so rich it seems almost inky, the aroma evokes blackberries.

  4. Montefalco bianco DOC

    Montefalco bianco DOC

    To complete their full array of wines Scacciadiavoli lacked a structured, full-bodied and complex white to accompany richer dishes.

  5. Montefalco Grechetto DOC

    Montefalco Grechetto DOC

    Grechetto is an indigenous Umbrian varietal. We vinify it in purity to produce a dry white wine that presents a range of lively aromas.

  6. Rosso dell’Umbria IGT

    Rosso dell’Umbria IGT

    Scacciadiavoli Rosso dell’Umbria is principally Sangiovese with a small percentage of Merlot.

  7. Spumante Brut

    Spumante Brut

    The Sagrantino grape is known principally as a red wine grape, but it can be used equally well in other contexts.

  8. Spumante Brut rosé

    Spumante Brut rosé

    Scacciadiavoli Rosé is made from 100% Sagrantino grapes, hand picked and gently pressed within six hours.

  9. Grappa di Sagrantino

    Grappa di Sagrantino

    The skin of Sagrantino grapes are extremely rich in polyphenolic substances with complex aromatic properties.

Scacciadiavoli is one of the oldest properties in Montefalco. The name, Scacciadiavoli (from “scacciare” – to banish, and “diavoli” – devils), refers to an episode of exorcism in the 18th century, recorded by Johannes de Ruescissa in his “Trattato sulla Quintessenza”. The story tells of a young woman possessed by the devil who was made to drink some local red wine by an exorcist, banishing the demon. The event gave its name to the village, still in existence, called Scacciadiavoli.

At the end of the 19th century, prince Ugo Boncompagni had the winery built and he decided to call it Scacciadiavoli.

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